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Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Please continue to check the website for updates. 

Quarter Course Professor
Fall 2020

TWS 20: Intro to Third World Studies: Cinema of the Third World, Iranian Cinema

*This course can also count as TWS 25 for majors and minors

Babak Rahimi
Winter 2021 TWS 22: Latin American Literature

Max Parra

Spring 2021 TWS 20

Jody Blanco


Tentative Courses

This schedule is tentative and subject to change

Fall 2019

Winter 2020

Spring 2020


ANSC 137: Chinese Popular Religion

ANSC 165: Contemporary South Asia

Ethnic Studies:

ETHN 142: Medicine, Race, and the Global Politics of Inequality 




HILA 121A:

History of Brazil through 1889 

HIAF 111

Modern Africa Since 1880

HIAF 112:

West Africa Since 1880


HILA 131: A History of Mexico

HIEA 132

Mao's China

HIAF 161: 

Special Topics in African History

HILA 100

Latin America: Colonial Transformation

HIEA 131:

China in War & Revolution, 1911-1949

HILA 102

Latin America in the Twentieth Century

HILA 132: 

Modern Mexico, Revolution to Drug War Violence+


History of Brazil, 1889 to Present

HILA 162:

Special Topics in Latin American History


LTEN 189: Twentieth-Century Postcolonial Literatures

LTAM 110

Latin American Literature in Translation

LTLA 133:

Contemporary Latin American Literature

LTSP 142: Latin American Short Story

LTSP 134

Literature of the Southern Cone

LTAM 110: 

Latin American Literature in Translation

LTSP 136: Andean Literatures

LTSP 135B 

Modern Mexican Literature

LTCS 133: 

Globalization and Culture

LTAM 110: Latin American Literature in Translation

LTSP 136 

Andean Literatures


LTEA 110C: Contemporary Chinese Fiction in Translation

LTSP 142 

Latin American Short Story


Political Science:

POLI 134D: Selected Topics in Latin American Politics

POLI 146A 

The U.S. and Latin America: Political and Economic Relations

POLI 150A: 

Politics of Immigration




Latin America: Society & Politics

SOCI 139:

Social Inequality: Class, Race, Gencder




Community and Social Change in Africa

SOCI 158: 

Islam in the Modern World




SOCI 187: 

African Societies Through Film

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